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New Style Underwater Themed Action Shooter

This is a school project, created by a group of 4 students.

This game is primarily optimized  for an arcade cabinet.

In the main menu, you'll be prompted to use the arcade control scheme by default; however, you can press the "space" bar to switch between arcade controls and the typical keyboard & mouse control scheme, an xbox 360 controller is also playable from this control scheme.

Submerged Warfare takes inspiration from the original Atari game "Missile Command", with a new spin to the game play along with some new mechanics that will better prepare you to defend the city.

Developed in Unity 5.6.2f1


2StressedStudios_Itch.zip 17 MB


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I love how the missiles rotate with the angle they are fired at!  Truly innovative stuff!

I still don't even know what a "quaternion" is!

nobody does! but by the gods, they work!

Wow! Definitely a runner for GoTY 2017!